First time with Google Code-in…

Google Code-in official logo

When the luck met chance…

It all began with some error in file-system in my operating system. I had to fix and to do so i had to log-in in the console from repair mode. When I logged in, I was prompted howfoundwith three messages and one them was like ‘Ubuntu is participating in Google Code-in contest… … … ‘. This seemed interesting and I followed the link mentioned there without wasting another sec just filled the form and asked my father to fill up the parental consent. I was in ! This was my first time with Google code-in and I was a pure ‘Beginner’ (still I am one).

Tasks seemed challenging. I started with a beginner training/documentation task. In it I had to make a description of the installation process of the Ubuntu 17.10, Artful Aardvark using LibreOffice impress (an open-source presentation maker).done I submitted it and it was approved by the mentor and with it only I got my parental consent approved. That really made me feel AWESOME and I started working on other tasks and did 7. I came to learn about new open-source organizations. It introduced me to Google Cloud. I made a Google cloud function that could return ‘Hello, world!!!’ to the browser.

Going through tasks and organizations I came to know about FOSSASIA,fossasia-logo an organization improving people’s lives around the world with software and hardware for conversational AIs, science and event management. It is working on several projects among which I gained interest in the Meilix Linux OS. Meilix Linux is a beautiful Linux-based operating system for hostels, libraries and public event kiosks. It is based on Ubuntu/Debian architecture. It is light-weighed, fast and customized. meilixscrIts source code is available on fossasia’s official GitHub repo. (You can check out that ‘‘ file to know more about it and how to build its image file.) I have a great interest towards different Linux-based distros and Meilix OS is now one of them…

In the Google Code-in contest all the mentoring organizations are open-source. The idea of Open-Source is ‘best-est’. I too favor open-source development. Going Open-Source brings amazing people and their ideas together. Open source has many benefits. There is  Security, Affordability, Transparency and Flexibility. I am a Linux-user to and I too go for OSS (obvio!!!). I do use open-source applications among which some are VLC(media player), Geany(IDE), Mozilla Firefox and chromium(web browsers), LibreOffice(Office suite).

A screenshot of Ubuntu 17.10 Operating system on XFCE Desktop-Environment running open-source softwares…

On my mobile phone too i’ve got VLC media player, remote for LibreOffice impress, Kodi(an open source media player that has a great interface) and Google I/O app to attend it remotely!!!



When completing tasks, I came to know about Gitter. Its an IRC room written in gitterlogo.jpgJavaScript. It is a channel ‘where developers meet’. Its a great communication channel.

I used Gitter and found it a great communication room. We have to login there using our GitHub or Twitter. The name says it all, GIt+twiTTER.

In Google code-in contest I was introduced to new things that injected a lot of excitement and desire to learn in me. I am still a learner, on the way to master C++ and python.



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